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  • n. a round container that is open at the top and is deep enough to hold fruit, sugar, etc A salad bowl A bowl of soup

  • n. a dish made of layers of different foods served in a bowl

The healthy acai bowl has three layers: a blended, yogurt-like bottom of acai and hemp milk, homemade granola in the
middle, and fresh bananas and strawberries on top.

  • Super Bowl in the U.S., a game of football played each year between the winners of the two leagues (= groups) in order
    to decide which is the best team in the country


  • an object consisting of a round, hollow part and a handle, used for mixing, serving, and eating food A soup spoon a

  • to move something, especially food, using a spoon

He spooned milk into the baby’s open mouth.


  • a container, flatter than a bowl

  • the dishes

all the plates, glasses, knives, forks, etc. that have been used during a meal


  • one of a pair of narrow sticks that are used for eating East Asian food

Chinese use chopsticks to eat food.

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